Selective Brush Electro-Plating

NB Finishing Company can utilize 33 years of expertise to follow the process of applying a homogenous bond to selectively repair specific non-conforming or damaged areas without removing the component part from the assembly. The end result is a component part that meets or exceeds the performance and durability of the original OEM manufacturer part.

The following parts are standard process for NB Finishing Co.

Printing cylinders:

Repairs to steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other specialty coated surface of localized damage due to “aggressive” product removal and/or bottle-neck areas that have excessive wear.

Machine side frames:

Bearing bores, eccentric bores, and pilot bores to specification.

Metering, applicator, and coating rolls:

Local repair to various surface coatings.

Punch Presses:

Repair crankshaft outer bearing areas and flywheel fit areas within the printing press utilizing retrofit and/or matting methodologies.

Standard and Oversized Parts:

Restore worn sealing surfaces and damaged areas.

Pump Housings and Castings:

Restore sealing surfaces by silver, copper, babbit, and nickel plating.

Pump / Hydraulic Shafts:

Local restoration of worn pump shafts at the bearing or sealing areas.

Mis-machined Parts:

Restore parts to original specification and apply plating for protection from corrosion or erosion.

Impeller Bores:

Apply heavy deposit of nickel to restore to original equipment specification.

NB Finishing Company offers the unique on-selective brush electro-plating process to repair localized damage of cylinders, as well as refurbishing bearing bores in the frames of printing and punch press equipment. The process is also suitable for corrosion and wear resistance as well as electrical conductivity (Au & Ag).



This is an example of a typical damaged area. This simulates damage caused by a screw or bolt.



The initial copper filling process (shown in rough condition).



The copper filled area dressed and ready for the hard nickel capping process.



The hard nickel plated cap. .003/ .005” retained thickness.



The damaged area is now permanently repaired and is dimensionally back to original OEM specifications.

Additional Brush Plating applications provided by NB Finishing

Repair of scored and dented Hydraulic Pistons while assembled or disassembled.

Plating the Electric Motor and generator end Bell and Rotors to bring back to size without the need for machining.

Repair Crankshafts in place on large motors.

On-site Dam Repairs of Ball Valves.

Resizing of Piston ring grooves on large components like diesel engines.

Re-plating gold on contact areas on large power generating components or computers and electrical circuit systems.

Repair of Pump Bearing and seal surfaces. Either on-site (plant or ship) or on-ship in our plant.

Apply Plating for Corrosion prevention, both in production and for repairs. Metal include Chrome, Cadmium, Zinc, and Nickel.

Apply Platinum in high heat areas to prevent metal erosion.

Repair of both aircraft and ground Turbine Rotors and housing.

Repair the bearing bores on large punch presses.

Resizing or reconditioning Engine Cylinder Bores.

Repair the bearing areas of Railroad Axles.

Silver plating on bus bars for the power generation industry.

Refinishing and repairing of Chromed components.